ZP. Employ ZP technology to improve your polymer melt flow and quality

When your jobs involve extreme processing challenges and require superior polymer melt flow and quality, its time to put the ZP (Zeiger Performance) screw to work. Our high performance tool steel screws are designed to handle the toughest conditions with ease.

Our ZP screws are highly effective for both shear sensitive and high throughput applications where better polymer melt flow, quality and color mixing are concerns. We will build your ZP screws to your specifications or we will recommend steels and specs to maximize your lines performance. Standard materials of construction include PM ZWear, Lescowear, CPM S90V, Elmax, CPM 9V and D2. Additional materials of construction include 4140 with Colmonoy welded flight ODs and chrome plating, 17-4 stainless steel with Colmonoy welded flight ODs, Inconel, Hastelloy,and Extreme Coatings carbide-coating options.

To enhance your polymer melt flow and quality, rely on Zeiger Industries as the only high performance screw maker to design and manufacture your screws with our own proprietary screw grinding machine. By using our own specifications, we can configure the entire screw manufacturing process around the grinders capabilities. This eliminates many of the steps required to manufacture through hardened tool steel screws. (The same benefits are realized for our general purpose screws, as well).

Ready to improve the polymer melt flow of your injection molding? Call Stan Glover at 1-800-932-9120 x209 or email us for a free analysis of your polymer melt flow needs and our high performance feed screw recommendations.

Don's Never Never Land

  Never Never No. 2  

Is a free-flow valve really free flowing?

We don't think so. Free-flow valves actually make a mess with burnt material left behind after each shot. Leakage. Labor. Downtime. Don will NEVER sell a free-flow and will ALWAYS use a full-flow valve instead. LEARN WHY OURS IS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD
  Never Never No. 1  

nitriding is like putting lipstick on a pig!

Nitriding is a cheap trick using a cheap veneer. The coating falsely raises the Rockwell rating, so your valve can be damaged beyond repair in two weeks! Don will NEVER nitride, ALWAYS using the right steel hardened right instead. LEARN HOW YOU CAN DECREASE DEFECTS
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