Protect your reputation with the gold standard, the Z4 4-piece screw-tip valve from Zeiger Industries.

 Today, this is by far the best in the industry.


And it's not bragging if it's true. The Z4 cannot be beat, which means that you protect your good name by producing reliable, even, predictable work time after time. Today, that's more important than ever, because you cannot afford to disappoint a customer and watch as that customer disappears.

There are two main reasons that the Z4 can be expected to stay the best of the best as long as there is injection molding:

  1. Don Zeiger invented a superior design and uses the best steels and the best processes to bring that design to life.
  2. The competition (and we use that word loosely) does a poor job of imitating his work. They don't understand the physics and the chemistry involved in the injection molding process, so they trip, stumble, and fall on their faces again and again.

Catch some Z's... or catch some flak.

Don puts it simply and directly: "Doing something right the first time is less costly than the alternative." That's why he made the Z4 4-piece screw-tip Front End Parts right the first time; why he continues making them right every time; and why you'd be doing right by using the Z4 instead of an inferior product with inferior steel - all the time.



It starts with better steels:

Don uses different steel for each part of the valve, so it's only the right steel for the right component as based on its operational purpose in the valve assembly.

- hardened 17-4PH stainless steel that's landing gear strength for the Retainer

- molybdenum-based steel hardened to 62RC for the Front Seat & Check Ring

- D2 hardened to 60RC for the Rear Seat

It gets even better with better processes:

- the Retainer's 17% chrome and 4% nickel stainless steel is like that used on the landing gear of F-15 fighters

- the Front Seat and Check Ring's molybdenum-based steel is tempered to withstand higher temperatures caused by friction (in excess of tempering, 1100º F) to retain a Rockwell Hardness of 62, the highest standard of the industry

- the Rear Seat is the only one in the industry designed to handle either high or low viscosity, offering options customizable to handle different materials at different temperatures and pressures

And better still with special valve options for specialized needs:

- Spinner valve reduces friction for high-speed molding

- Zpringlok valve has a spring for low viscosity materials and can fit any OEM screw

- Tungsten-carbide faced valve offers the longest lifetime warranty ANYWHERE ("No one has ever worn out this valve," says Don, "which is why we back it with a lifetime warranty.")

Zeiger Z4 zaps all the rest! Never again settle for 4th rate 4-piece wannabes or substitutions by 3-piece pretenders!

Don Zeiger's a common sense kind of a guy. He's learned that you just can't afford to rely on inferior, substandard injection molding valves, so he designed a better one. The Z4 is infinitely adjustable for specialty resins, applications, and process improvement at no cost to the customer.

Don Zeiger invented the 4-piece screw-tip valve, the best performing valve in the industry. With all the poor imitations and "competitive" products of questionable quality out there, it's only understandable that Don take umbrage.

- "The Front End Parts for injection molding make for a high-tech piece of equipment. Others in the industry are simply trying to copy without understanding the physics, chemistry, and the polymer flow characteristics we know and we apply."

- "MSI's tagline is a joke! They're feeding you a line when they claim their valves are 'imitated but never duplicated,' because all they did was make them to match my original Z4 design."

- "Me-too screw-tips use softer steel that dents easier, leading to leakage and low-quality parts or end products."

- "Me-toos nitride coat their steel, a cheap veneer that will wear out and will cause part failure."

- "Copies believe this 'free-flow' nonsense instead of using our Full-Flow self-cleaning channels."

- "Me-toos choose straight-through I.D. instead of my Bellmouth configuration for superior shot control."

- "Me-toos use perfect angles in their Rear Seat that can't adjust to contaminants in the resin like the better seal and positive shut-off from my engineered slight mismatch."

Zeiger invented the 4-piece.

Zeiger re-invented the non-return screw-tip.

And Zeiger invented the full-flow valve.

So he can invent a custom solution for any situation.




Take a closer look at the Z4's ultimate performance

Add zip to your injection molding process and get in the zone with the BEST-IN-CLASS Z4 4-piece screw-tip valve from Zeiger Industries. 

Call Andy Zeiger at 1-800-932-9120 x204 or email us for the ultimate Z4 screw-tip assembly performance!

Don's Never Never Land

  Never Never No. 2  

Is a free-flow valve really free flowing?

We don't think so. Free-flow valves actually make a mess with burnt material left behind after each shot. Leakage. Labor. Downtime. Don will NEVER sell a free-flow and will ALWAYS use a full-flow valve instead. LEARN WHY OURS IS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD
  Never Never No. 1  

nitriding is like putting lipstick on a pig!

Nitriding is a cheap trick using a cheap veneer. The coating falsely raises the Rockwell rating, so your valve can be damaged beyond repair in two weeks! Don will NEVER nitride, ALWAYS using the right steel hardened right instead. LEARN HOW YOU CAN DECREASE DEFECTS
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