Zeiger's exclusive Front Seat design slides easier, retains hardness better, and lasts longer.

Easy sliders make long riders.

The Front Seat is one of the wear parts of any valve assembly, so Don Zeiger wanted his to be different - that way his Z4 4-piece screw-tip valve can outperform any other, any time, any place, any condition.

He knows that tremendous friction and temperature buildup is a natural consequence of the injection molding operation at the Front Seat and the Check Ring.

OK, that's a fact of physics. Unfortunately, other screw-tip makers don't know this, so they're willing to keep churning out inferior valve after inferior valve. Instead of burying his head in a tote of injection molding plastic beads, Don asked himself, "Can something be done to alleviate the cause?"

Don devised a means all his own: Eliminate as much of the cause of that friction and heat at its most vulnerable point. His invented design solution was to mill and rotate the Z4 Front Seat in a precise and exacting way to let it slide easier.

The more slide, the less friction.

The less friction, the less heat.

The less heat, the longer it lasts.

The longer it lasts, the better it performs.

The better it performs, the happier you will be.

Self-cleaning for convenience, efficiency.
Z4 features full-flow, self-scrubbing channels. That means you'll never need to run purging compounds even for full color changes.


Don is a Front Seat driver.

There can only be one leader - whether it's a football team, a beauty pageant contestant, or a manufacturer of injection molding valves. Don Zeiger's past his beauty pageant days, but he's the driver of the injection molding screw-tip industry. The Z4 4-piece is the testament of his career, and the Front Seat of the valve assembly is a big reason. Don's firmly in the front seat, driving for better injection molding performance, because his 4-piece screw-tip is by far the best there is.

Judging by what else is out there, it may safely represent the best there ever will be.

Let's hop in the front passenger seat to see why the Z4 Front Seat is so much better:

  1. Better, high-speed steel - Superior performance starts with superior steel. Don made an early decision - and has stuck with it! - to use only the highest grade of high-speed steel. Hardened, molybdenum-based steel hardened to 62RC maintains its hardness. NO breakdown and NO failures, unlike all of those products using inferior steels.
  2. Better processing for tempering to withstand higher temperatures - Here's a little physics tip for other screw-tip guys out there. Friction creates heat. Higher temperatures leads to product failure. That's downtime.money lost.you get the picture. The Front Seat of the Z4 stand up to higher temperatures in excess of tempering, 1100º F, retaining a Rockwell Hardness of 62 - THE HIGHEST STANDARD IN THE INDUSTRY. That's equivalent to cutting tool strength, ready to handle the harshest of any ultra-high-speed applications.
  3. Better designed, easy sliding Front Seat reduces friction - Don looked at the design differently, to lessen the amount of friction created in the first place. By milling and rotating the Front Seat and making it slide easier, he's done just that. Less friction ? less heat ? more able to handle higher temperatures. Pure and simple.
  4. Better fashioned to resist abrasion and corrosion - Glass and other abrasives can cut, scrape, grind, and scratch the surfaces of inferior steels. Which is why the Z4 uses the better stuff. The Z4 Front Seat is made to withstand both abrasives and corrosive elements such as hot saline. When you think about it, those aren't the only enemies to an injection molder; inferior screw-tips made by inferior companies may just be your worst enemy - wasting your money, causing you to create inconsistent product, and introducing unnecessary problems into your processes.

Here's the Front Seat frontline:

The Z4 is infinitely adjustable for specialty resins, applications, and process improvement at no cost to the customer. Better steel and better processing makes for the ultimate performance under the most demanding injection molding circumstances.

  • as one of the wear parts of the valve assembly, it's specifically made to reduce and withstand the harshest conditions
  • molybdenum-based steel hardened to 62RC to maintain hardness and elevated temperature conditions
  • tempered to withstand higher temperatures caused by friction (in excess of tempering, 1100º F) to retain a Rockwell Hardness of 62, the highest standard of the industry
  • this is high-speed tool steel with high end hardness, so under high heat conditions ("red hot") it doesn't lose its hardness EVER
  • cutting tool strength-equivalence and perfect for ultra-high-speed applications
  • very good wear resistance and good corrosion resistance

Take a closer look at the Z4's ultimate performance

Add zip to your injection molding process and get in the zone with the BEST-IN-CLASS Z4 4-piece screw-tip valve from Zeiger Industries.

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Don's Never Never Land

  Never Never No. 2  

Is a free-flow valve really free flowing?

We don't think so. Free-flow valves actually make a mess with burnt material left behind after each shot. Leakage. Labor. Downtime. Don will NEVER sell a free-flow and will ALWAYS use a full-flow valve instead. LEARN WHY OURS IS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD
  Never Never No. 1  

nitriding is like putting lipstick on a pig!

Nitriding is a cheap trick using a cheap veneer. The coating falsely raises the Rockwell rating, so your valve can be damaged beyond repair in two weeks! Don will NEVER nitride, ALWAYS using the right steel hardened right instead. LEARN HOW YOU CAN DECREASE DEFECTS
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