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Don's Never-Never Land

nitriding is like putting lipstick on a pig!

When you have the right steel and use the right process, you don't need to nitride-coat. Not only is nitriding NOT an advantage as others have tried to convince you, it's actually a significant hindrance. Lower grade steel gets this nitriding trick to hide its inferiority. The problem is, this is only a temporary fix that ultimately leads to part failure. This defect rate can be as high as 1300% more than what I see with my screw-tip assembly!

Here's the deal:
The other guys in our business coat the outer steel to falsely or temporarily raise the Rockwell rating.

Here's the problem:
Real world use kills this shortcut. All you need is some heat or some corrosion, and it's goodbye screw-tip assembly. The hardness of the base metal can be reduced by extreme conditions like high heat. Let's face it, that's a pretty common situation, and a nitride-coated screw-tip cannot provide sustained performance under that condition. Science says the other guys are wrong! Plus, nitride veneers cannot tolerate many corrosive environments. And all you need to have happen is to use that valve with abrasive polymers, or filled polymers, or PVC and it's won't be long before you have total failure. Within two weeks, it will be GONE - that's damaged beyond repair! So the cheap trick costs you money and downtime.

Here's what Zeiger does differently:
We don't like lipstick on pigs and we don't like nitrided coatings. It's a NEVER-NEVER! No tricks, no veneers, no pork until you get home for dinner!

 Don's Never-Never Land 
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