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Is a free-flow valve really free flowing?

We don't think so. Free-flow valves actually make a mess with burnt material left behind after each shot. Sure, I like to invent, but I only invent parts or improvements or better processes for a reason. And it really steamed me that injection molders have been sold this bill of goods the other guys have the nerve to actually call "free-flow."

The name "free-flow" is a bad joke, because the only thing "free" about it is all the free time your workers will have. That's because "free-flow" valves easily clog when you change colors or materials. Clogged injection molding machines mean downtime and downtime means goodbye money!

Here's the deal: So-called "free-flow" valves actually make a mess with burnt material left behind after each shot. These valves aren't made for real world applications, because you do change colors and you do change materials - but these competitor valves do not clean themselves to handle this variation.

Here's the problem:
Leakage. Labor. Downtime. They've been touting this "free-flow" nonsense as a good thing. It is a myth, through and through. This simple truth would clog a "free-flow" valve about as easily as the burnt material that routinely gets stuck along the sides of its channels.

Here's what Zeiger does differently: I found that the "free-flow" thing doesn't work and invented something that does. Pure, simple, and clean. Self-cleaning, that is.  Ours is the industry standard. Go ahead, change colors. Be my guest, change materials. The Zeiger Full-Flow design automatically propels the complete removal of previous shots. You get a clean result after every shot. No material sticking, no downtime, forget failure. Their "Free-flow" is a NEVER-NEVER! I would never use it so I would never sell it.

 Don's Never-Never Land 
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