Injecting some truth into injection molding processes.

Don Zeiger takes nothing at face value and tells you like it is. He doesn't want you wasting money or risking failure with inferior materials or hokum features.

Nothing is sacred as he exposes the no-nos, no-ways, and never-wills, because Don takes no prisoners and names names. With one sweep of his Zeigercounter, Don detects well-buried bull and separates the injection molding truisms from the screw-tip screwisms.

Don's Never Never Land

  Never Never No. 1  

nitriding is like putting lipstick on a pig!

Nitriding is a cheap trick using a cheap veneer. The coating falsely raises the Rockwell rating, so your valve can be damaged beyond repair in two weeks! Don will NEVER nitride, ALWAYS using the right steel hardened right instead. LEARN HOW YOU CAN DECREASE DEFECTS
  Never Never No. 2  

Is a free-flow valve really free flowing?

We don't think so. Free-flow valves actually make a mess with burnt material left behind after each shot. Leakage. Labor. Downtime. Don will NEVER sell a free-flow and will ALWAYS use a full-flow valve instead. LEARN WHY OURS IS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD
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