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Zeiger Industries Showcases Easy-Conversion LSR Molding Unit


CANTON, Ohio (March 30, 2012) - Zeiger Industries will demonstrate its LSR molding Plug-n-Play Conversion Kit at NPE 2012 with a quiche pan injection molding operation running in its booth throughout the April 2-5 show in Orlando, Fla. 

Zeiger Industries' exhibit (Booth #4373) will be set up with a complete operation showcasing LSR molding equipment and materials. Zeiger is marketing the LSR Plug-n-Play conversion as a complete kit that a processor can swap out on any machine with minimal steps. 

"Our LSR Plug-n-Play Conversion Kit allows a processor who wants to use an existing thermoplastic injection molding machine to convert it to mold LSR components," said Stan Glover, Zeiger Industries' director of sales. "The kit can be outfitted to work on any brand or model to convert for LSR molding.

The Zeiger quiche pan production will be run on a Sumitomo Demag SE50DUZ direct-drive, all-electric, injection molding machine. The LSR quiche pans will be made from Shin-Etsu's KEG-2000-70. The pans, in blue supplied by Holland Colours America, Inc., will be produced in a mold supplied by PTG Silicones, New Albany, Ind., and will be demolded automatically using a Yushin robot. Shin-Etsu's material is supplied in two components, which are mixed in a 1:1 ratio using a TOP3000 Closed-Loop Controlled LSR Dosing System supplied by ELMET North America, Inc.  
Glover also credited Conair and DME in helping Zeiger showcase the capabilities of its new LSR Plug-n-Play Conversion Kit. "Conair supplied us with their EarthSmartT ECM 0.5 air-cooled portable chiller, which is used to keep the Wexco 777 water-cooled barrel and pin-type shut-off nozzle cooled," he said. "And DME supplied the mold supplier, PTG Silicones, with one of their MUD mold bases." 

"The package includes a water-cooled Wexco 777 barrel, a zero-compression-ratio Z-Wear PM screw, ZpringlokT valve, water-cooled shut-off nozzle and a barrel seal kit," Glover said. 

Zeiger Industries' NPE 2012 exhibit also will feature the company's polycarbonate optimized processing package with special steels and designs to minimize black and brown specking in PC processing. 

Zeiger Industries, inventor and manufacturer of Zeiger Z4T and Zeiger Z3T screw tip valves, is known in the injection molding industry for top performance and quality. The Zeiger Z4 carbide valve is the plastic industry's only screw-tip assembly that comes with a three-year warranty.

For further information, please contact:
Stan Glover
330-484-4413 ext. 209
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